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Covid -19
With this   Corona virus  level 1  we  are  open normal   hours  for  standard  services  and surgery now  ,  but have  to  maintain   hygiene.  Contact  tracing  is automatic  .
Please   phone  nurses  for   an appointment  096388445
We can still  do  some   distance  tele- medicine. You  can  send   photos  of  problems   to   nurses@petdoc.co.nz  ,  drchris@petdoc.co.nz and  or  0275444427  so  we can decide  wether  you need to  be  seen without  delay.
The  Catmandu Cattery  is  open now    ,   as  long as   everyone  is  healthy.  Please phone   for  a  dedicated    time for  drop  off and   collections   at the  cattery in Whenuapai  as  this   still   is  variable.  Mt Eden  cats  are still the same as  clinic  hours   (except  saturdays and  sundays)
If you  are   under self  ISOLATION  there will be no contact   with   staff  except by   phone ,  best   if   you  send  someone  else.  This  includes  vague   colds , fever ,  unwellness  and  aged clients  over 70  years of age still need to  be  careful .


Our Veterinary Services

Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest monitoring equipment and full x-ray and surgical facilities. We also provide pet in intensive care for your special friend, no matter what species they are.

Dr Laurenson and  Dr  K V   have the experience and knowledge to make a quick diagnosis and a form a rapid plan in any situation, always keeping  affordability in mind.


We offer a full range of pet care services, and some of these include:

in-house  Laboratory testing
General Surgery

Catmandu Cattery: Your Cat’s Home Away from Home

rags$20$20on$20deck“Your Cat’s Home Away from Home”
If you’re planning a trip away and want someone to look after your cat, book them in for a stay at Catmandu Cattery. The boarding cattery is based at Dr Chris’s own home in Whenuapai and is available for short or long stays.

Make sure to book ahead for stays in December, January and February until Easter! Veterinary  clients   have  precedence during  busy  times .

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 Looking for cattery in Auckland for your cat? Normanby Road Vet Clinic is your best choice. We also offer these services: cat microchipping, dog neutering, dog microchipping, dog vaccination, cat desexing, we also is one of the best cat boarding services in Auckland, contact us now.

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